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Affiliate Program Overview

Elify customers can earn additional income on subscription referrals and get credit for those
people who see the same value as they do!
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Get Started

Are you looking for a brand new business opportunity, or a simple way to make money
online? Look no further…

Our optional, REVOLUTIONARY Affiliate Program is built into all our business solutions!

Elify’s Affiliate Program allows you to build a business while you grow your business. Elify Customers have the opportunity to become Affiliates by simply spreading the word about the Elify solutions they already know and love! The best part? Since our services are subscription-based, not only do you get paid on the initial purchase, but you get paid residually, month after month for the life of the customer!

Payout Structure

Elify pays you for subscription referrals in your network up to
6 levels for the life of any Elify service subscription!
Level Percentage Earned
1 10%
2 8%
3 15%
4 5%
5 5%
6 8%
Level Percentage Earned
1 10%
2 8%
3 15%
4 5%
5 5%
6 8%

Bonus Programs

Elify has 3 bonus programs that will boost your earnings through the roof!

Quick Start

During your first 60 days, earn 100% of every direct subscription referral! Make 10 or more referrals during that time, and earn another 30 days of Quick Start.


After Quick Start, directly refer 8 or more new subscriptions in a calendar month, and earn a 40% bonus on each!


When one of your direct referrals refers 8 or more new subscriptions in a calendar month, you earn a 10% bonus on each!

Commissions Calculator

Use the Calculator below to estimate your monthly earnings!
What service would you like to primarily refer?
Shuffle ($10/month)
Edge ($20/month)

Referrals Per Month

How many subscriptions will you refer each month?

Month over Month retention

What percentage of your subscription referrals will continue each month?

Network duplication

What percentage of your network will replicate your referral efforts?
Months from start 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Total network size
Estimated commissions
Please note: The calculator includes Elify’s Quick Start Bonus, but not Elev8 or Motiv8.

Any financial amounts or examples used to illustrate affiliate commissions should not be construed as guaranteed projections of income. Any written or oral reference to specific or potential earnings are for educational purposes only and are not necessarily representative of actual income potential through participation in Elify’s Affiliate Program. Commissions result solely from Member Direct Referral sign­ups and Network Referral sign­ups. Member skills, work effort, and market conditions may affect earnings. Elify does not guarantee any level of income.

Coins and Rewards

Elify Rewards tracks your Affiliate progress using Coins. 100 Coins = $1.00 USD

You can access your Elify Rewards by logging into your existing account. Commissions for your subscription referrals are added to your Rewards in the form of Coins. Once you accumulate 2,500 Coins ($25.00 USD) or more, you can activate your Affiliate status and cash out!

You must have a paid subscription in order to become an Affiliate, and a $1.00 one-time Affiliate enrollment fee applies.

After you become an Affiliate, you may cash out your Coins anytime you have accumulated 2,500 or more! When you cash out, your funds will be loaded into an eWallet account, where you'll have a variety of options for withdrawing your earnings (additional fees may apply).